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Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyesterimide Containing Naphthalene Moiety

Y. Christabel Shaji, Dr. G. Leema Rose, Dr. M. Anitha Malbi & Dr. S. Ajith Sinthuja

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316 394

The Use of Botanicals in the Management of Plant Parasitic Nematodes

M. Omolara Olaniyi

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280 2005

Spiral Spring Process Model (SSPM) for Policy Making and Implementation Engineering in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAS)

Jonathan Chukwuemerie Uzoh & H. C. Inyiama

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291 258

Analysing the Psychometric Properties of  Mathematics in Public Examinations in Nigeria

Moyinoluwa Toyin D.

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311 355

An Evaluation of the Adsorptive Behaviour of Activated Carbon Derived from Hyphaene Thebaica Nut Shells for the Removal of Dichlorvos from Wastewater

Ogwuche E. O., Gimba C. E. & Abechi E. S.

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376 673

Efficient Brightness Preserving Enhancement Algorithm for Images in Consumer Electronic Devices  

Varshini K., Agalya P. & B. N. Shobha

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262 255

Digital Image Watermarking and Its Techniques: Review

Neena Slathia, Dr. Anu Sheetal & Rajneet Kaur

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318 262

Public Information Treasure (PIT) for Federal Ministries and Parastatals in Nigeria (MDAs)

Jonathan Chukwuemerie Uzoh & Hyacinth Chibueze Inyiama

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235 383

Assessment of the Level of Biogas Production Using Different Animal Wastes as Substrates

Musa B. & Hussaini I. M.

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267 277

Antimicrobial Screening of Novel Schiff Base Ni (II) Complex Derived From Glutaraldehyde and L-Histidine

S. Ajith Sinthuja & Y. Christabel Shaji

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316 386

Environmental Flows Assessment of Eastern Ramganga River, India, by Drought Analysis

Lt. Col. Manish Kothari & S. K. Mishra

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279 289

Synthesis, Spectral and Electrochemical Characterization of Adipic Acid Doped Polyaniline

Jessica Fernando & Dr. Chinnapiyan Vedhi

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352 1429

Traumatic Sub Conjunctival Dislocation of PCIOL (Pseudophacocele) by Blunt Trauma – A Case Report

Dr. I. S. V. S. Prasada Rao

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275 268

Influence of Chemical Reaction, Magnetic Field, Heat Source on Heat and Mass Transfer by Free Convection Flow over a Stretching Cone Embedded in a Porous Medium Considering Soret and Dufour Effects

Bishwa Ram Sharma & Animesh Aich

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253 188

Comparative Analysis of 1-Bit Full Adder Designs

Anjali Mann, Jitesh Chawla, Yashveer Singh & Geetanjali Sharma

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305 333

Proximate and Anti-Nutritional Studies of Two Varieties of Germinated Acha Seed (Digitaria Exilis)

Ijeoma Lawretta Princewill-Ogbonna

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251 680

Challenges to Women Participation in Poultry Production in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

Garba M., Simon E., Bala A. H. & Lalo S. H.

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320 281

Socio-Economic Effects of Farmer-Pastoralist Conflicts in Western Zone of Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme, Nigeria

Garba M., Simon E. & Abdullahi S.

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317 769

Evaluation and Analysis of Tapioca Fortified with Soy Beans

Ilesanmi Olusola B.

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242 246

Bioethanol Production from Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Rio Sweet Sorghum Bagasse Grown in Kenya

Bonface G. Mukabane, George Thiongo, Dr. Benson B. Gathitu, Dr. Hunja Murage & Dr. Willis O. Owino

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291 329

Graphical Password Authentication: Implementation and Evaluation of Personalized Persuasive Cued Click Points

Asher D’Mello, Rohan Bagwe, Victor Fernandes & Ankita Karia

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259 639

Analysis of Fuel and Exhaust Gases of SI Engine by Using Magnet

V. A. Jundale & D. A. Patil

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271 1794

An Efficient Achieving Optimal Throughput Utility and Low Delay with CSMA-Like Algorithms: A Virtual Multichannel Approach

G. Preetha Deva Kumari & S. Sumithra

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244 226

Assessment of Microbiological Quality and Aflatoxin Levels of Paneer Marketed in Chennai, India

A. Peter, Dr. G. Sarathchandra, Dr. N. Manimehalai & Dr. K. A. Athmaselvi

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282 1246

Effect of Antioxidants on Level of Catalase and Glutathione in Oral Cancer Patients

Dr. Ravindra Swaroop Singh, Dr. Anupam Porwal, Dr. S. K. Awasthi, Mahendra Yadav & Dr. M. P. Mishra

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265 284

Traditional Farming and Soil Quality  Analysis of Paddy Field of Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh 

Angkita Sarma & Dr. D.C. Goswami

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285 590

Renewable Energy Management System in Home Appliances and Its Implementation in FPGA

A. Sathisshkumar & S. Jayamani

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264 741

Design and Implementation of Object Recognition System Using SoC and FPGA

Truong Cong Vinh, Dr. Vanaja Shivakumar & M. Rajmohan

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281 367

Study of Effluent Treatment Plant in Automotive Axles Limited, Mysuru

Shivaprasad H., Kirankumar B. N., Hamza, Amrith Priyam & Parameshwar

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279 1060

Detect Alcohol in Patient Body through Wireless Network

Yogita L. Kumbhare, Pankaj H. Rangaree & Dr. G. M. Asutkar

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294 420

Preparation of Nanocomposites Based on Thermosetting Resins: A Review

Vaidehee A. Deshpande

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303 498

Quality Assessment of Processed Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Powder for Microbial Contamination and Physico-Chemical Properties

Suganya Chittrarasarayan, Dr. Sarathchandra Ghadevaru, Dr. Manimehalai N. & Dr. Athmaselvi K. A.

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274 911

Photocurrent Calculations in Magnetic Solids by using Relativistic Kronig-Penney Model

Lalnunpuia, Aldrin Malsawmtluanga, Lawrence Z. Chhangte, Ricky L. Ralte & Z. Pachuau

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275 265

Nanosensors and Their Applications in Food Analysis: A Review

J. Jerish Joyner & Dhinesh Kumar V.

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273 1693

Design of Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Based Displacement Sensor with Wider Linear Range Characteristics

K. I. S. Baidwan & C. R. S. Kumar

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257 1384

Data Solution

Minal Savant, Jyotsna Devale, Urvi Modi & Sharon Coelho

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293 493

A Study on the Rheological Properties of High Strength Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume

Subhro Chakraborty, Dr. Samaresh Pan, Tandrima Ganguly, Sandip Dutta & Prasad Mukherjee

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267 1899

A Direct Buck-Boost Converter Based on Flyback Topology for Photovoltaic Application without Using Centre Tapped Transformer

Saifunnisa P. & R. Shunmugam

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275 732

A Co – Inoculation Study on the Potential Integrate of Azospirillum and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria for Improving Plant Growth and Yield

K. Padma Priya & P. K. M. Anu Geetham

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344 731

Phytodegradation of Textile Dyes by Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) and Composting the Waste by Earthworm

A. Ranjitha, P. K. M. Anu Geetham & A. Malarvizhi

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342 701

VLSI Implementation Using Dwt for Image Compression and Image Fusion for Medical Application

Aarti S. Shinde & P. R. Thorat

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280 221

Acoustical Study of Chalcone in Dmso – Water Mixture in Different Concentrtions

Unnati Ashok Pathare & S. D. Thakur

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254 303

A Study of Philosamia Ricini Life Cycle for ERI Culture in Northern Planes of India

Dr. Arti Srivastava & Dwijendra K. Gupta

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246 807

The Effect of Metacognitive Learning Strategy in Physics Achievement

Ma. Venus B. Lozada

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385 1344

Patient Monitoring System Using GSM Interfaced With LabVIEW

Reshma K. V., Dhanoj M., Reema Mathew A. & Divya K.

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292 1513

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