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Unsustainable Development, Climate Change and Floods: Interactions and Impacts

Michael Dabi & Mawuse Ami Kporha

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268 524

Possible Errors in Quantitative Data Analyses

Michael Dabi

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292 644

Microbial Assessment of the Shallow Wells of Miango, Central Nigeria

Bala, D. A., Njila, H. L. & Pandukur, S. G.

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205 259

Selenium - Mercury Antagonism in Human Blood Samples from Residents of Wassa West District, a Mining Area in Ghana

B. V. Samlafo

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247 237

Effect of EGR on the Performance and Emission Characteristics – A Review Study of Performance Testing

Manjot Singh & Suraj Ghimire

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260 318

Effect of Some Technological Treatments on the Chemical and Nutritional Properties of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Seeds

Salwa Gamal Arafa, Maher Essa Khalil, Mohamed Awad Abdelgaleel & Adel Ghazi

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246 791

Quality Changes during Ice Storage of Fishes Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger Kanagurta) and Pink Perch (Nemipterus Japonicus) During Summer Season

Jaya Naik & C. V. Raju

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246 660

Economic Implications of Farmers’ Level of Participation in Local Organizations on Farm Productivity in Niger Delta Area, Nigeria

Okwuokenye G.F. & Akintoye E.O.

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233 351

Determination of Veld Grazing Capacity and Nutrient Potential Using GPS Mapping

Sikaceya, N. N., Maarsdorp, B.V., Ngongoni, N.T. & Masama, E.

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232 457

IkotUduak Episode: Stormwater Management as a Challenge in Sustainable Development of Urban Residential Communities in Calabar

Itam, Ekpenyong Bassey, Ukorebi, Ukorebi Asuquo, Ita, Ekpe Esien, Ugbong, Innocent Akwazi, Obia, Ajah Ekpeni, Yaro, Margaret Abba & Ekeng, Patricia Orok

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292 373

Evaluation of Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and Toxicity Studies of Ethanolic Stem Extract of Phyllanthus Amarus Thonn and Schum (Euphorbiacea)

U. T. Mamza, O. A. Sodipo, F. I. Abdulrahman & I. Z. Khan

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250 397

Restraining Terrorism: An Infrastructure Preventing Terrorist Activities in Pakistan

Fauzan Saeed

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213 225

The Concentration of Lead in Some Herbs Sold in Port-Harcourt Nigeria

P. A. Odiba, T. E. Odumakara, I. D. Shehu & I. Haruna

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216 323

Cost Effective Technology for Waste Management

Dr. R. Joshua & Dr. P. Vincent

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297 248

In presence of EDTA and HEDP Blended, the Crystal Growth, Polymorphism, and Morphology of CaCO3 under Co2 Atmosphere

S. Bhuvaneswari, K. Subramani, V. K. Subramanian & K. Palanisamy

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285 523

An Analysis of Cause of English Language Anxiety amongst Hotel Management Students and Its Impact on Their Academic Performance

Sarika Joshi

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222 497

Bin That Think’s

Priya B. K., T. Lavanya, V. Samyukta Reddy & Yarlagadda Pravallika

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299 521

Allelophatic and Anti-Microbial Activities of Aqueous Extract of Allium Sativum

Dairo Joshua Olugbenga, Dr. Ukpanukpong Richard Uundigweundeye & Uyabeme Rachael Ngozi

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220 223

Phytochemical Screening, Proximate Analysis and Acute Toxicity Study of Launaea Taraxacifolia Ethanolic Extract on Albino Rats

Dairo Joshua Olugbenga, Dr. Ukpanukpong, Richard Undigweundeye & Uyabeme Rachael Ngozi

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222 518

Comparative Study of ELSS of Public Sector and Private Sector of Mutual Fund Industry in India

Ajay Mittal & Dr. V. K. Agarwal

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228 1825

Isolation & Biochemical Characterization of Halotolerant Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

Shweta Bhatt, Parth R. Dholakia, Delisha K. Sorathia Krutharth J. Solanki, Neha K. Dabhi & Shreya K. Dedakiya

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354 282

Distribution pattern of amino acid content in different tissues of Solanum mammosum L. fruits

C. P. Ravindran & S. Nandakumar

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248 248

Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Planetary Gear Used in Clock Mechanism Using Rapid Prototype Technique

K. Sambhavi & K. Aruna Prabha

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219 477

Conditioning Monitoring of Transformer by Dissolved Gas Analysis by Matlab with Case Studies

Manoj Goyal, Surender & Ena Narang Bajaj

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420 386

Kinetics of Palm Kernel Shell in Heavy Metal Ion Sorption

Azuatalam Godwin A. Joshua & Ugwoke Perpetua Ebere

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246 501

Adsorptive Capacity of Water Hyacinth on Heavy Metals

Azuatalam Godwin A. Joshua & Ugwoke Perpetua Ebere

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288 329

Dietary Supplementation of Potential Probiotics and Yeast Effect on Amino Acid Concentrations of Freshwater Fish, Labeorohita (Rohu)

J. Babitha & Dr. P. Murugaian

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246 334

Comparative Study on the Adsorptive Capacity of Water Hyacinth and Palm Kernel Shell on Heavy Metals

Opara C. Chukwuma, Evbuomwan O. Benson, Ugwoke Perpetua Ebere & Azuatalam Godwin A. Joshua

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212 203

Production and Optimization of Extra-Cellular Enzymes of Actinobacteria Isolated from Textiles Dye Polluted Soils of Tirupur, South India

R. Vijayakumar, R. Manikandan, G.Vaijayanthi & E. S. Pooja

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220 519

Development of Millet Fortified Cold Extruded Pasta and Analysis of Quality Attributes of Developed Pasta Products

Sanjarambam Nirupama Chanu & Dr. Sujata Jena

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238 1269

Level of Self-Concept and Job Satisfaction of Guidance Counsellors in Enugu State Nigeria

Dr. A. C. Egbo

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219 205

  Green Concrete for Green Building Green Concrete for Green Building

Parikhit Baruah, Subham Kumar Ray, Penchen Lepcha & Deewas Kharka

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245 264

Energy Efficient and Secured Smart Car Parking System

B. K. Priya, T. Sandeep, D. Vineela Chandra & V. Swarna

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244 817

Pyramidalis Muscle: Overview

Shinku Francis

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216 155

Closed Loop Residential Photovoltaic Power System with Soft-Switching Push-Pull Front-End Converter

P. Sivasakthy & Dr. R. Anushya

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203 550

On Extended Generalised -Reccurent Para Sasakian Manifold

N. V. C. Shukla & Anurag Dixit

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239 163

Strategizing Economy Using Spiral Spring Process Model (SSPM)

Uzoh Jonathan Chukwuemerie, Henry Onyebuchi Ossamulu & Inyiama Hyacinth Chibueze

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221 157

A Clinical Study of Aetiology and Epidemiology of Corneal Lacerations

Srihari Atti, Srinivas Prasad Killani, Venkataratnam Peram, Goli Sridhar, Valupadusu Padmavathi & Mahendra Superna

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200 160

Capacity of Fungal Genera Isolated from Refinery Effluents to Remove and Bioaccumulate Lead, Nickel and Cadmium from Refinery Waste

Ezeonuegbu B. A., Dr. Machido D. A. & Yakubu S. E.

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233 584

On the Reproductive Number of HIV/AIDS Patients in Nigeria

O. D. Ogunwale & B. T. Babalola

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212 149

Factors Affecting the Acceptability of Family Planning in Nigeria

Babalola B.T. & Olubiyi O. A.

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235 343

Relationship between Money Supply, Price Level and Exchange Rate

Deepak Havaldar & Dr. Girija Shankar

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197 146

Anti-Atherosclerotic Activity of Lagenaria Siceraria in Experimentally  Induced Atherosclerosis in C57BL6J Female Mice

Bhide S. S., Bhandare G. K. & Gajbhiye S.V.

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262 348

Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Green Vehicle

S. Krishna & S. Naveen Kumaar

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220 560

Endosulfan Induced Male Infertility Study in Swiss Albino Mice: Evaluation of Effect on Testosterone and Sperm Count

Dr. Manisha Lall, Dr. Kumud Bala & Dr. Arun Kumar

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228 265

Effect of Minimal Processing and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Quality Characteristics of Onion (Allium Cepa L)

Revathy Baskaran, M. S. Krishnaprakash & M. C. Varadaraj

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