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Awareness and Management of E-Waste by Librarians in University Libraries: an Exploratory Study

Okoro, Caroline Amarachi & Umebali, Catherine Oluchi

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20 30

Comparative Study of Solar Tower and Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power Technologies in Kano, Northern Nigeria

H. M. Muye, G. Aliyu, K. I. Mohammed

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190 468

Comparative Study between the Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Broccoli and Cauliflower and the Effect of Domestic Processing on Them

Abd Allah A. Mamsour, Laila A. Shekib, Nahed M. El Shimy & Magda S. Sharara

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160 169

Determination of Physico-Chemical Properties of Low Cost Adsorbent Produced from Activated Coconut Wastes

Egwu Chucks Nelson, Dr. Evbuomwan Benson O. & Ibrahim Abdulmumuni Onota

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228 155

Effect of Chlorpyrifos on Soil Microbial Health

Kusum Dua & Neelam Joshi

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187 112

Efficient Search Solution on Unstructured Data

Boraste P. S., Bankar S. D., Junagade A. P., Bahalkar G. S. & Sharma N. G.

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256 352

Application of Fractional Calculus on Certain New Subclasses of Analytic Functions

Dr. Hamzat J. O. & Olayiwola M. A.

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167 99

Certain Properties of a Subclass of Non-Bazilevic Functions of Complex Order

Dr. Hamzat J. O. & Olayiwola M. A.

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165 86

Network Traffic Monitoring System in Non-Poisson Queues

M. Aniji & S. Senthil

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148 111

Macromolecular Azo Dye Complexes as Precursors to Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Activity and Thermal Studies of Sulfadimidine Azo Dye Complexes

Aida L. El-Ansary, Omaima E. Sherif, Nora S. Abdel-Kader & Amira G. Sayed

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146 168

A Bathtub Model of Downtown Traffic Congestion and Its Application in KISII Town

Nyachieo Mikey Oyugi, Johana K. Sigey, Dr. Jeconia A. Okelo, Dr. James M. Okwoyo & Dr. Kang’ethe Giterere

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146 142

Bifurcation Analysis of a System of Morris-Lecar Neurons with Time Delayed Coupling

Maera Marube Wilfred, Johana K. Sigey, Dr. Jeconia A. Okelo, Dr. James M. Okwoyo & Dr. Kang’ethe Giterere

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140 102

Progressive Changes in Physico-chemical Constituent of Rainwater; a Case of Oyoko, Sekyere-East District of Ashanti Region, Ghana

Joy O. Yeboah, Kingsley Kodom & Kwame Aboraa

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159 157

Demand and Supply Aspects of Institutional Deliveries in Rural Madhya Pradesh

Pramod Kumar Verma & Dr. J. S. Parihar

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175 93

Analysis of Producer Price of Rice in Nigeria

Mark Polycarp, Yakubu Dauna, Salihu Musa, Joshua Ja’afaru & Abdullateef Kola Ibrahim

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137 116

Empirical Comparative Analyses of Drinking Water Sources in Usen Community, Ovia South-West, Edo State, Nigeria

P. T. Alufar

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191 192

In Vitro Cultivation of Gametocytes of Eimeria Tenella Isolated from Broilers in Jos, Plateau, Nigeria

Kaze Paul Davou, Idris Lawal, Joseph Ajanusi, Saidu Lawal, Adrian Smith & Dr. Stephen Preston

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146 152

Inoculating Artemia Nauplii for the Purification of Brine and Enhancement of Quantity and Quality of Sodium Chloride in the Solar Saltpans of Kanyakumari

Dr. G. Leema Rose

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177 111

Addressing Land Degradation in Northern Nigeria to Alleviate Rural Poverty

Obaisi Alaanuloluwa Ikhuoso

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171 172

Improving Performance of k-NN Classifier using Prototype Generation: Survey

Ansari Mariyam, Bodke Priya, Desai Aishwarya & Dusane Aishwarya

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158 111

Regeneration and Reuse of Neem Husk Activated Carbon in Hospital Wastewater Treatment

Alau Kenneth, Gimba Casimir Emmanuel, Agbaji Bolanle Edith, Abechi Eyije Stephen & Hajara Omenesa

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175 192

A Comparative Analysis of Suggestive Radiology versus Sputum Test in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis at the Defence Forces Memorial Hospital, Kenya

Peter Kering Mulwa & Dr. Joash Auka

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175 110

A Literature Review on Design of CNC Machine Tool Structure

Kartavya S. Sagar, Alpesh B. Damor & Dr. Haresh P. Patolia

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157 644

Chemical Analysis of Adulterants in Common Food Items and There Hazardous Effect on Health

Shazia Khanum Mirza, Syed U. K. Asema & Sayyad Sultan Kasim

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201 232

A Study on Public Participation in Environmental Management in Melamchi Valley of Nepal

Dhundi Raj Dahal & Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina

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179 94

Generalized 3 – Complement of Set Domination

P. Sumathi & T. Brindha

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147 82

A Review on the Role of Microorganisms and Its Control in Industrial Cooling Water System

R. Sowbarnika

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162 102

Design and Analysis of a Dual Shock Absorber Landing Gear for Commercial Airplane

Sk Sariful Islam

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225 239

Statistical Analysis of Flow of Charcoal through Trunk Road A7 and B2 Using Traffic Count Data into Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

S. Bensinghdhas & R. Michle Jenifer

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154 125

Phytochemical Constituents and Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous Extract of Cymbopogancitratus

Uyeh Daniel Dooyum, Adedoyin Igunnu, Butu Hemen & Joshua Ngbede

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180 168

Effect of Albizia Lebbeck Leaf on Some Haematologic Parameters in Fed Albino Wistar Rats

Dr. Shindang John, Dr. Sheyin Zakka, Ekwempu, Adaobi I., Bot Y. & Nwabuike, Uzoma Chidimma

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168 143

A Study on PWM Parameters Range of on-off Electromagnetic Valve in Fluid Control Systems

Jinting Yang & Jiquan Yang

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145 101

Variation in Coefficient of Consolidation and Modulus of Elasticity Values of Clayey Soil Randomly Reinforced with Sand

Sabna C. Sebastian & Pavan Kumar C.

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155 673

The Use of Local Sand as a Filter Media

Zaharaddeen Baffa Baba & Abubakar Ismail

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176 93

Laboratory Profile with Infrastructural Facilities Available in Pathological Centres of Hooghly and Burdwan District of West Bengal: A Comparative Analysis between Government and Private Run Laboratories

Baladev Das, Kausik Chatterjee, Kazi Monjur Ali, Debidas Ghosh & Raja Ray

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186 103

Experimental Study on 100% Replacement of Fossil Fuel by the Biofuels

Narendra Singh Parmar, Ravindra Randa & Ajeet Kumar Prajapati

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154 105

Effect of Sugar Mill Effluents on Physico-chemical Properties of Soil of  Doiwala Dehradun District of Uttarakhand (India)

Bilal Bashir Bhat, Riyaz Ahmad Mir, Mudasir Ahmad Dada & Shahzada Akther

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187 119

Wireless Routing Protocols Analysis: Literature Survey

Sandhya Onkar Ahire & Dr. Dnyandeo Krishna Shedge

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149 94

Comparative Evaluation of the Microbiological Quality of Hibiscus Sabdariffa Drink (Zobo) Produced Using Different Methods

Adeoye, B. K., Ani, I. F., Ajuzie, N. C. & Akinlade, A. R.

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181 210

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