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Harnessing the Use of ICT in Surveying and Geo-Informatics Training in Tertiary Institutions in South Eastern States of Nigeria

Njike Chigbu, Daniel Chukwuemeka Onukaogu & Michael Apeh

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191 116

Monitoring Water Quality and Sanitation Practices in Semi-Arid Rural Areas in Namibia

Earl Lewis & Tiffany Claasen

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142 128

Separation and Quantification of Anthraquinones in the Petiole, Leaves, and Roots of Water Hyacinth

Dr. Erepamowei Young & Dr. Timi Tarawou

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113 119

A Review: A Comparative Analysis on the Biometric Optimization Techniques

Mayurima Das & Puneet Mehta

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224 126

PCR Identification of Urinary Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Pregnant Women Attending a Tertiary Health Care Centre in Makurdi, Central Nigeria

Aernan, P. T.

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125 97

The Difference between the Skills Graduates Acquired during Training at the Polytechnics and the Performance Expectations of the Globalized Fashion Industries

Mawutor Wovenu

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97 82

Linear Programming Approach to Combination of Food Crop Enterprises among Gender Fadama III Beneficiaries in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Adebayo Elizabeth F., Jongur A. A. U. & Dr. Mshelia Stephen Ibrahim

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120 90

Assessment of X-ray Film Reject Rate in Two Tertiary Healthcare Institutions in Northeastern Nigeria

Abubakar A., Isma’il Gana Muhammad, Gunda N. M., Nwobi I. C.. Yusuf Muhammad, Luntsi G., Muhammad G. M. & Shettima A. B.

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267 116

Sentence Level Sentiment Analysis in Malayalam

Aleena Beegum & Noorjahan V. A.

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245 101

An Effective Home Security System Based on Multimodal Interaction

Kalathma M. K. & Dr. Shreekanth T.

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186 106

Assessment of Heavy Metal Levels in the Soils of Ohyia Kaolin Mining Site and Screening of Three Local Herbaceous Species for Use in Phytoremediation 

C. E. Igwe, E. C. Nzegbule, J. N. Azorji & T. A. Okafor

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159 153

Bamcot, an Onloom Blend of Bamboo and Cotton

Rudolf Steiner, Kyere Kwame Gyeabour & Abena Akyeabea Oteng

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214 78

Application of Project-based Teaching Method in Metal Working Practice Course

Li Fang

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157 103

Study of Thunderstorms over a Madhya Pradesh Region, India

Shweta Thakur, Rahul Shrivastava & Varsha Kachneriya

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216 97

Employee Development Strategies and Employees’ Commitment among Academic Staff of Universities in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Adelugba Bisola Iyabo, Ajayi Omobola M., Ogunkolade S. O., Enitilo Olalekan & Gbadebo A.

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301 145

Climate Change Effects on Rainfall Patterns and It’ S Implications on Sorghum and Millet Production in Kenya: A Review

A. Egesa Ogolla, N. Njau, P. Mwirigi, C. Muui W., N. Korir Kibet & M. Mwangi

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362 405

Effects of Chemical Hurdles and Packaging Materials on Fungal Load and Distribution in Kilishi during Ambient Storage

Abdullahi Nura, Ariahu C. C. & Abu J. O.

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194 160

Extraction and Analysis of Essential Oils from Cypress Species (Cupressus lusitanica and Taxodium distichum) from Selected Areas in Kenya

Patrick Kimutai Tum & Nyabaro Obed Mainya

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378 138

An Investigation into the Failure of Pinion Holding Capacity, Joint Cans of a Leg Structure, and Preload Tank Capacity of a Jack-Up Rigby Using Finite Element Method

Bh. Nagesh, I. N. Niranjan Kumar & Dr. Manu Korulla

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436 124

DNA Testing Using an Enzyme Based Amperometric Biosensor with Nano Composites and Its Instrumentation

K. Kalyan Babu

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159 83

Formation of Nanparticles and Red Floursecenceinleucine Capped Cerium Fluoride Nanoparticles

Tanwin Mohammad Salauddin Ashrafi & Dr. Mahendra M. Khandpekar

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192 79

Analysis of Discrete SIR Models and Local Stability

A. George Maria Selvam & A. Divya

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