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Family Care Givers’ Views on Facilities of Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhuwan Kumari Dangol & Januka Poudel

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179 142

Knowledge and Practice of Oral Rehydration Therapy in Management of Childhood Diarrhoea in Okomoko Community in Rivers State, Nigeria

Onyebuchi Obia, Onochie Nweze, Ikakita Princewill & Gift Smith

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181 140

SDR Based PLC and VLC for Indoor Broadband Broadcasting

K. Arun Kumar & G. Sathish

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191 247

A Comparative Study on the Effect of Fertilizers on Growth of Algae in Pond Water Samples

Dr. Moaienla T. Ao, Lungkup Phom & Dr. Bendangsenla N.

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209 300

Comparative Study of Speaker Segmentation Using MFCC and LSF

Kiran C. Jamgade & Dr. Naresh P. Jawarkar

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182 121

Assessment of the Inhibitive Action of Velvet Tamarind on Low Carbon Steel Corrosion in Acetic Acid

Dr. Eziaku Osarolube & Dr. A. O. James

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198 165

Production and Isolation of Microorganisms in OGI: A Local Cereal Based Complementary Food in Nigeria

Okoronkwo Christopher Uche, Dr. Okereke Hope C. & Dr. Nwachukwu Ndubuisi Obiora

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250 161

Spectrophotometric Determination of Praseodymium by 1,4- Dihydroxyanthraquinone after its Selective Separation from Rosetta Monazite Rare Earth Concentrate by Solvent Extraction

Abdel Fattah, N. A., Sadeek A. S., Ali, B. H., Abdo, A. A. & Weheish, H. L.

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142 184

Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Streptococci Isolated from Different Environment in the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

Dr. F. O. Ekundayo & Ajigbolamu, Temitope Olajumoke

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133 130

Review on Reactive On-Demand Unipath and Multipath Routing Protocols

Ayushi Varshney & Prachi Maheshwari

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227 116

Climate Change and Nigeria’s Development: The Challenges and the Prospects of Agricultural Adaptation

E. C. Nwankwo

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291 115

Performance Improvement of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Diffuser

Ijas Ahmed M., Vikrantdh T. S., Robinson T. & Saket Sharma

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198 193

Assessment of Physico-Chemical Quality of Ground Water in Some Rural Areas Receiving Industrial Wastewater Discharges in Nagpur District, Maharashtra State, India

Babita B. Kapoor, Dr. Farhin Inam & Dr. Sujata S. Deo

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150 183

Miniaturization of Wearable Antennas Using Fractals in MICS Band

Adesh Soni, Avin Srivastava, Saumya Das & Dr. Tanushree Bose

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156 147

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of Schiff Base Ligand (2Z)–2–[(1, 5–Dimethyl-3-Oxo-2-Phenyl-2, 3-Dihydro-4-Pyrazol-Yl) Imino]-1, 2-Dihydro-3h-Indole-3-One and Its Al (III), In (III) and Tl (I) Complexes

Ocheni Adejoh, Ukoha P.O. & Dr. Aaron Baba

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132 126

Efficiency Measurement and Estimation of Return to Scale in Hospitals – DEA Approach

D. Annapoorni & V. Prakash

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120 127

Crack Detector & Fire Safety Monitoring System for Railway Inspection

M. Benisha, S. V. Phavethera & R. Hemasri

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240 143

Satellite and RF Enabled Assistance for Marine Navigation

Lohith K. C., Pramodini S. K., Priyanka S., Rashmi S. T. & Pushpa Y.

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147 172

Water Current Velocity Intensification by Momentum Diffusion Method

Jasper Agbakwuru Ahamefula & Ombor, Pereowei Garrick

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143 118

Effect of Dryer Parameters on Drying Rate and Quality of Spent Brewers’ Grain

L. A. Sanni & O. A. Fakunle

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247 162

Simulation Framework for Traffic Control, Secured Communication & Privacy Protection with Intrusion Detection for VANETs

Nandini Patil, Ashwini, Kayadhu, Mukta & Shruti Y.

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174 118

Exploring Location Privacy through Mobile Crowd

Dhanyashree M. & Pradeep Nazareth

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578 105

Factor Affecting on Anxiety Level: Case Study of People Living in Rajkot City, India

R. R. Jaiswar, Dr. G. C. Bhimani, A. M. Suryawanshi & M. V. Savasani

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204 129

Experimental Study for Heat Transfer Enhancement under Turbulent Flow Conditions by Increasing the Surface Area of Engine Cylinder Fins

Sivashankar M., Aditya Pratap Manker & Raju Shriram

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224 137

Infant Hazard Activity Recognition Using RFID Technology and Tracking System Using GSM and GPS Technology

Dr. G. Md. Gouse, Ashok Raj Shetty, Deepa Kalmath, Ganashree N. S. & Muddhasira Darwesh

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310 152

A Review on Laser in Advanced Material Processing and Manufacturing

A Review on Laser in Advanced Material Processing and Manufacturing

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387 191

Shelf Life Study of a Standardized Nutritious Sugar Free Brownie

Misbah Khan, Nayab Khan & Anuradha Shekhar

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188 246

Comparison of Algorithms for Cut and Fade Transition Detection for Video

Upesh Patel, Brijesh Kundaliya & Kaushal Vala

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110 112

Power Factor Improvement by Engaging Appropriate Number of Shunt Capacitor

Akash Srivastava, Shubham Saxena, Mihir Dwiwedi & Deepak Ray

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304 157

Enumeration of Microbial Content of Vermicasts of Eudrilus Eugeniae (Kinberg) and Eisenia Fetida (Savigny)

B. Sivasankari & Anandharaj M.

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380 141

IoT Based Environmental Condition Monitoring by Using Thing Speak

Gandhi M., Pradeepdoss M. & Janarthanan M.

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294 113

Effect of Important Agroforestry Tree Species on Soil Properties and Soil Nutrients

Alka Chambial

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232 116

Environmental Implications of Increased Industrialization in Nigeria

Maton Samuel Mark, Marcus Nengak Danjuma, Dodo Juliet Dingtsen & Olaku Zacchariah Maga

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211 112

Enhancing the Efficiency of Smart Crawler

Shreya S. Tandur & Shrikanth N. G.

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171 149

Design and Testing of Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot

Srinath G. & V. P. Haridasan

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