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Preparation and Characterization of Some Selected Double Base Propellant Formulations

Ehab. M. Youssef, Dr. Mostafa A. Radwan & Dr. Hosam E. Mostafa

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225 129

Synthesis, Characterization and Antiplasmodial Activities of Metal (II) Complexes of Artesuante

Bala Isa, Noami P. Ndahi, Dr. Paul. B. Bokko & Ibrahim Waziri

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121 110

Generalized Dual Fibonacci Sequence

Dr. Salim Yüce & Dr. Fügen Torunbalci Aydin

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169 92

Evaluation of Functional Properties of Melon/ Maize/OSU (P. Tuber-Regium)  Mix for the Production of Melon Seed “Cake” Analogue

Ani C. O. & Okolie E. C.

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248 139

Public Opinion: Role of Media

Dr. Ranjita Singh

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110 80

The Use of Moringa oleifera Seed Powder for Treating Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) Discharge

Ogunlela, A. O. & Famakinwa, J. O.

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235 158

Endoscopic Evaluation in Patients with Dyspepsia at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana: A Cross Sectional Study

Dr. Mary Y. Afihene, Dr. Babatunde M. Duduyemi, Dr. Suman Morampudi, Dr. Gayathri Balasubramanian, Dr. John Amuasi, Isaac Boakye, Anand Patil & Dr. Arun Gowda

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124 96

Investigation on Spectral, Optical, Energy Level Designation of 6-(2-Phenylhydrazono) Tetrahydro-2-Thioxopyrimidin-4(1H)-one using Experimental and Theoretical Methods

Natarajan Kalaiarasi & Dr. Subramaniyan Manivarman

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155 118

A Survey on Application of Automatic Braking and Pedestrian Safety in Intelligent Transport System

R. Shiddharthy & Dr. R. Gunavathi

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196 103

Relative Prevalence of Tick Species in Cattle Body Parts and Breeds under Different Management Systems in Semi-arid Environment in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

Dr. Joy Mbaya Turaki, Dr. Mustapha Kokori & Ali Saidu

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137 144

An Innovative Name Node Fail Safe Architecture for HDFS

Yojana Nanaware & Dr. Suhas D. Raut

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178 78

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Daylighting in Libraries: An Experimental Approach

Ayoosu, Moses Iorakaa

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263 121

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Study of Electronic Properties of 5-(3,5-Difluoro-4-Hydroxy Phenyl)- 5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-7-Thioxopyrimido [4,5-D]-Pyrimidine-2,4 (1h,3h)-Dione Using Density Functional Theory

D. Durga Devi & Dr. S. Manivarman

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113 98

Damping Improvement of a Longitudinal F-16 Aircraft Model through LMI

J. P. P. Andrade, Dr. V. A. F. Campos & Dr. A. S. Potts

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225 272

Prevalence of Physical Hazards in Public Primary Schools in South-West Nigeria

Okandeji-Barry, Oghenenioborue. Rume, Dr. Oyewole, Oyediran Emmanuel & Dr. Ana, Godson Rowland

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151 87

Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship between Different Physico-Chemical Parameters and Fish Yield in Some Selected Fish Ponds in South- East, Nigeria

Dr. Echor Felix Okaliwe, Mgbenka B. O. & Udensi Edwin

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133 98

Co-verification of Registers Using UVM RAL

Shraddha Pal, Neeraj Kr. Shukla & Puneet Goel

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251 330

Effect of Aqueous Extract of Ficusexasperata Leaf on the Body Weightand Haematological Parameters of Wistar Rats

P. A. Odiba & E. Jalija

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169 90

Does Free Maternal Services Provide Access to Skilled Birth Attendants? A Case of Level 5 and 6 Public Hospitals in Kenya

Mercy Kasina & Dr. George Ruigu

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202 120

Embankment Dam Spillway Adequacy Evaluation under Probable Maximum Flood the Case of Tendaho Dam, Ethiopia

Tamirat Dessalegn Haile & Dr. Adane Abebe Awass

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229 251

Reattachment of Fractured Tooth Fragment: A Case Report

Dr. Lakkam Ram Surender, Dr. Manasa Yarlagadda, Dr. Chinthala Manaswini & Dr. Somarapu Shashi Prabha

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224 110

A Journey through Big Data Analytics

M. Kavitha

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226 107

Screening of Selected Improved Cassava Varieties for Bacterial Blight and Varietal Performance under Natural Environment in Ibadan, South-Western Nigeria

J. N. Azorji, C. E. Igwe & C. Kanu

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270 101

A Study on Larvicidal Activity of  Medicinal Plant Extracts against Aedes aegypti

Neeraja P. & Jisha Jacob

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251 167

A Study of the Spermatozoa Motility Acquisition Patterns in Excurrent Duct System of the Lizard Eutropiscarinata

Divya Dosemane & Mahadevaiah Bhagya

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175 90

Adjustable Knapsack in Travelling Salesman Problem Using Genetic Process

Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan

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128 104

Potential Role of Information Communication Technologies in Sugarcane Production by Farmers of Bungoma County, Kenya

Eliud Walimbwa Wepukhulu, Jacob Wanambacha Wakhungu & Chesambu A. N.

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468 343

Daylighting Control System for LED Based Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

Girish V. Chavan & Anil Wanare

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285 133

Yeast Two-Hybrid Library Screen Reveals Novel Binding Partners of Vps1 and Links Vps1 to a Novel Role in Budding

Bryan T. Banh, Hyoeun McDermott, Michelle Williams, Shiva Kumar Goud Gadila & Kyoungtae Kim

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140 144

Psychology of Clothing: Implications for Strengthening Marital Relationships

Mawutor Wovenu

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162 104

Design and Implementation an Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person with GSM and GPS Technology

Vishal S. Borle & S. N. Kulkarni

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