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Investigation of non-Newtonian Fluid in the Unsteady Laminar Free Convective Flow by AGM Method

Nozar Akbari, Mosayeb Gholinia, Saber Gholinia & Davood Domiri Ganji

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172 108

Aerosol Optical Depth and Precipitation Rate Projections over East Africa Utilizing Self Organizing Map

John Wanjala Makokha, Hudson K. Angeyo & John N. Muthama

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140 120

Selecting the Best Regression Model to State Veneer Volume Recovery

Benoni Kewilaa

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187 118

Automation of the Compilation and Processing of a Hausa Corpus

Eno Ubong Ekpo, Ubong Sunday Ekpo & Dr. Tunde Adegbola

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116 99

Bilinear Control of a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor System

O. M. Aboluje

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111 88

Evaluation of Heavy Metal Concentration and Bioaccumulation Factor of Soil and Plants Cultivated in an Oil Producing Community in Rivers State, Nigeria

Donatus. C. Belonwu, Obubeleye Alalibo, Agustin A. Uwakwe & Oluwatoyin. T. Adeoti

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751 101

Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Spices Cultivated in Okrika, Rivers State, Nigeria

Donatus. C. Belonwu, Obubeleye Alalibo, Agustin A. Uwakwe & Oluwatoyin. T. Adeoti

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118 98

Infra Red Evaluation of Sodium Lignosulfonate Surfactant (SLS)

Rini Setiati, H. P. Septoratno Siregar, Taufan Marhaendrajana & Deana Wahyuningrum

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133 209

Utilization of Date Syrup to Increase the Nutritional Value of Some Natural Beverages

Dr. Hassan Ismail Abd Elhakim, Dr. Gado Baker Ahmed Gado & Dr. Ibrahim Elsayid Ramadan

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111 103

Correlation between Antioxidant Activity, Total Flavonoid and Green Color Index, Bitterness Value of Carica papaya Leaves

Fatma Zuhrotun Nisa, Mary Astuti, Sofia Mubarika Haryana & Agnes Murdiati

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194 216

The Effectiveness of Three Evaporative Structures for the Storage of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato in the Coastal Savanna Zone of Ghana

Dr. Dukuh Isaac Gibberson, Dr. Owusu-Sekyere Danso Joshua, Dr. Bart-Plange Ato, Asagadunga Paul Akidiwe & AkunaiAsaa Abunkudugu

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112 111

Activity and Stability of Linamarase from Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) Leaves and its Ability to Hydrolyze Linamarin

Maherawati, Dr. Tyas Utami, Yudi Pranoto & Dr. M. Nur Cahyanto

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205 151

Occupational Health Problems of School Teachers in the Context of Kailali, Nepal

Prayag Joshi

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197 165

The Assessment of Energy Efficiency through the Thermal Insulation of Residential Windows in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

C. Firman Hon, Dr. C. Z. Jonker, Dr. K. Mearns & Dr. H. Stoffberg

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129 117

Iodine Retention of Potassium Iodate Fortified Modified Cassava Flour (Mocaf) in Various Types of Package during Storage

Sri Supadmi, Agnes Murdiati & Endang Sutriswati Rahayu

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125 116

Chemical Properties of Coconut Sap Obtained at Different Tapping Time and Addition of Preservatives

Pepita Haryanti, Supriyadi, Djagal Wiseso Marseno & Umar Santoso

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200 292

Determination of Drought Adaptation Capacity and Adaptation Options as an Indicator of Climate Change in Pastoral Production System in Laisamis, Northern Kenya

Jiddah Choke

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206 102

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