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April 14


Determination of Antitrypsin Activity of Lupeol by Folin Lowery MethodBy Swati Balapure, Varsha Wadegaonkar DOWNLOAD 
On the Cubic Equation with Five Unknowns By K. Meena, S. Vidhyalakshmi, M. A. Gopalan, S. Aarthy Thangam DOWNLOAD 
The Role of Remote Sensing [Aerial Photo-Interpretation] in the Field of Natural Resources Detection & Estimation By Arvind Dewangan DOWNLOAD 
Systematic Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of Moving Object By Abitha P., Anu T. P. DOWNLOAD 
Generating Virtual Identity Using Mixed Fingerprints By G. Sangeetha, K. Alice DOWNLOAD 
A Zigbee Based Wireless Patient’s Monitoring System By Surbhit Jain, Anshu Gupta, Praveen Kumar MalviyaDOWNLOAD 

Effective Video Multicast Over TDMA-Based Dual Homing Wireless Mesh Networks

By Jasmi A. P., Reeja R. Rajan DOWNLOAD


Climate Change Impact on Land and Natural Resource in Chamba Tehsil of Himachal Pradesh State, IndiaBy Dr. Kuldeep Pareta, Upasana ParetaDOWNLOAD 
Enabling Security Service Using Content Based Message Filtering System on OSN UserwallsBy Jebeen M., Poorva Devi R.DOWNLOAD 
Effect of Combustion Nano Additives in CI Engine Fuel Useing Diesel-Neem Biodiesel Blends: A ReviewBy Arjun A. Varaghane, V. W. KhondDOWNLOAD 
Synthesis and Characterization of Some Isoxazole Derivatives of Vanillin as Antimicrobial AgentBy J. V. Dodia, V. R. Dangar, V. R. ShahDOWNLOAD 
 – An Observation on the Drawbacks and Corrections of Existing Rules of Generating Twin-Prime and Prime NumbersBy Sayantan Khamaru DOWNLOAD 
– Real Time Segmentation Algorithm for Complex Outdoor ConditionsBy Nidhu R., Manu G. Thomas DOWNLOAD 
– Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium by Using Immobilized Hibiscus Rosasinensis LeavesBy Suhanya M., Saranya K., Thirumarimurugan M., Kannadasan T. DOWNLOAD
Blur Deconvolution and Super Resolution of Image using Unified Blind MethodBy Nandini T. Rao, Seema Patil DOWNLOAD
– Classification of Traffic using Supervised Learning Approach and its Building Time By P. Pinky DOWNLOAD 
– Health Monitoring and Damage Assessment of Truss Structures from Static Responses By Subhajit Saradar, Priyabrata Guha DOWNLOAD 
Proposal for Modified Routing Algorithms for Multipath on Demand MANET Topology By Amit Kumar, Arup Sarkar, Dr. Sanjay BhargavaDOWNLOAD 
Understanding Online Knowledge Sharing Intention:A Factor Analysis in E-Learning SystemBy Dr. Seyed Mohammad Bathaei, Seyed Ali Hosseini DOWNLOAD 
Fine Assessment Regarding Wireless Sensor Network Layers, Security Issues and Security Mechanism By N. Vidhya, Dr. Sengottuvelan P. DOWNLOAD 
Review Paper on Content Based Image RetrievalBy Aditi Giri, Yogesh Kumar Meena DOWNLOAD 
Finite Element Analysis of Torispherical ShellBy Muruganantham G., Dr. S. RajakumarDOWNLOAD 

Effects of Different Catalyst on the Production of Biodiesel From Jatropha Oil and Comparative Analysis

By Vibha Verma, Samreen Ahmed, Ashutosh MishraDOWNLOAD


Structural Analysis of Composite Material Drive Shaft Using FEM By Esakkimuthu N., Dr. Rajakumar S. DOWNLOAD 
Adoption of Rational Farming Technology for Development of a Model for Exploring Sustainable Farming Practice in Farmer’s Field By Barik A. K., Chatterjee A. K., Mondal B., Datta A., Saha S., Nath R., Bera R., Seal A.DOWNLOAD 
Out of Band Reduction in Cognitive OFDM SystemsBy Aswathy S. Koottummel, K. Kavitha, R. SarankumarDOWNLOAD 
Bit Error Rate Reduction Using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing with Index ModulationBy Neethu M. S., R. SarankumarDOWNLOAD 
 – Logic Synthesis of Contemporary European Model Traffic Control Signaling System Using Novel Nano Scaled Single Electron Tunneling TechnologyBy Jayanta Gope, Aloke Raj Sarkar, Mrinmoy Ray, Priayaranjan Das DOWNLOAD 
– Strategic Use of L1 in L2 ClassBy Inayat Shah DOWNLOAD 
– Impacts of Coal Mining on Vegetation and Water QualityBy Ankit Gaurav, Dr. I. A. Khan DOWNLOAD
Health Monitoring and Damage Assessment of Framed Structures from Static ResponsesBy Jaydeep Chowdhury, Priyabrata Guha DOWNLOAD
– Application of Poultry Manure and the Effect on Growth and Performance of Potted Moringa (Moringa Oleifera LAM) Plants Raised for Urban Dwellers Use
By Uchenna Mabel Ndubuaku, Amos Ejike Ede, Kayode Paul Baiyeri DOWNLOAD
– Electrocoagulation for Treatment of Parboiled Rice Waste Water By Krishna Kumar, M. R. Gidde DOWNLOAD 
– Assessment of Ground Water Quality and its Spatial Distribution Near Old Landfill Site of Kothrud, PuneBy Rajkumari Suryawanshi, Dr. I. A. Khan DOWNLOAD 
– Performance Behaviour of PV System Using Matlab Environment By C. Allimuthu, P. Anbalagan DOWNLOAD
– Numerical Investigation of Effect of Swirl Flow in Subsonic Nozzle  By M. K. Jayakumar, Eusebious T. Chullai DOWNLOAD
– Telson Spine is a Variable Diagnostic Feature in Metapenaeus brevicornis (Edwards, M 1837)  By Dr. Angsuman Chanda DOWNLOAD
– An Enhanced Approach for Providing EES in Bluetooth Network By Irshad Ahmed Gorikhan, Arun Kumar G., Srinivasa Rao Udara, Satvik Kusgur, Harish H. M. DOWNLOAD
– Evaluation of Routing Protocols and Security Issues for MANET  By Amit Pratap Singh, Er. Nitin Thapliyal DOWNLOAD
– Management of Data Security in Distributed System By Harvendra Singh, Anuj Yadav DOWNLOAD
– Detection and Localization of Text from Natural Images with a Hybrid Method  By Manjula Lamani, Arunkumar G., Srinivasa Rao Udara, Arun Kumar K. M. DOWNLOAD
– Secure Routing Algorithm to minimize the number of Intermediate Nodes in Unicast Network with Multiple Streams By S. Saravanya, V. PugazhenthiDOWNLOAD
– Remote Path Identification using Packet Pair Technique to Strengthen the Security for Online Applications By R. Abinaya, V. Pugazhenthi DOWNLOAD
– Saliency Based Object Extraction in Single Concept Video Frames By Priya Devi S., Iniya K., Surendheran A. R. DOWNLOAD
– An Efficient Automatic Resource Allocation Approach for Mobile Sink By Dr. S. Prem Kumar, G. Pavan Kumar DOWNLOAD 
– Application of SSSC and IPFC for Stability Enhancement for SMIB and MMIB using FUZZY Logic Controller By Ch. Krishna Rao, K. B. Madhu Sahu, I. Ramesh, A. Jagannadham DOWNLOAD
– Curvelet Transform Based Brain Tumor Classification Using Soft Computing Techniques By P. Vigneshkumar, S. Janarthanaprabhu DOWNLOAD
– Efficient Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Adder Using Five Input Majority Gate By A. Sowkaarthiga, H. Maheshkumar DOWNLOAD
– ANFIS Based Lung Tissue Classification on CT Scan Images By Paulpandi K., Arun Prasath R. DOWNLOAD
– Random Detection of Anthracnose of Mango by Differential Clustering  By Murali Krishnan, Dr. M. G. Sumithra DOWNLOAD
– Advanced Security System for ATM with Tracking & SMS Indication By Khushbu J. Tailor, Jadav Akshay R., Pandey Gaurav K., Vasava Dhruv B., Nadavana Manoj B. DOWNLOAD
– Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Face Recognition By T. Senthilkumar, S. Veluchamy DOWNLOAD
– Enhanced ICTCP to Avoid Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks By A. Prema, S. Janardhana Prabhu DOWNLOAD
– Agreeable Parcel Conveyance in Crossover Remote Versatile Systems: A Coalitional Amusement Approach By Suganya S., M. Varghese DOWNLOAD
– Query Optimization in Encrypted Databases for Providing DaaS By Sunil B. Mane, Pradeep K. Sinha DOWNLOAD
– Head and Mass Transfer on Unsteady MHD Free Convective Flow Pass a Semi-Infinite Vertical Plate with Soret Effect By Dr. S. Anuradha, P. Priyadharshini DOWNLOAD
59. Splat Feature Classification With Application to Retinal Hemorrhage Detection in Fundus Images By Nisha J. U., Herald Anantha Rufus N.  DOWNLOAD
60. Effects of Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract on Morphological and Physiological Growth of Cassava and its Efficacy in Controlling Zonocerus variegatus By Dr. Uchenna Mabel Ndubuaku, Theophilus Chinyere Ndubuaku, Emmanuel Ike  DOWNLOAD
61. Contributions of Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) Tree Foliage for Enrichment of Soil Nutrient Status By Dr. Ebido Nancy Ekene, Dr. Peter Ezeaku, Uchenna Mabel Ndubaku DOWNLOAD 
62. Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tractography in Decision Making of Extra Temporal Resective Epilepsy Surgery By Breeja Simi V. N., Herald Anantha Rufus N. DOWNLOAD 
– Wormhole Avoidance Using Reputation-Based Routing By N. Kusuma DOWNLOAD 
– Diabetes Diagnosis using Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network with Rule Extraction and Apriori Algorithm By Swati Shinde, Sheetal Devram Waghole, Musarrat Munaf Bare, Preetam Pradip Patil, Pooja Mallikarjun Humnabade DOWNLOAD 
– Contribution to Management of Wastewater of Yamoussoukro City: Impact of Wastewater Treatment Plants Failure on Environmental Pollution of The Lakes By Kra Essi K. F., Akichi Agboué DOWNLOAD


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