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An Examination of Technostress in Contemporary Ghanaian Organizations

Elizabeth Abbey, Martin Gyambrah & Priscilla Hanson

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54 30

Fertilizer Use and Kola Production in Southern Nigeria

Dr. M. O. Ogunlade, Dr. O. S. Ibiremo, C. I. Iloyanomon, L. A. Adebowale, N. Taiwo & Dr. K. A. Oluyole

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37 46

Assessment of Water Quality of Kware Lake Using Aquatic Insects as Bioindicators

Mohammed Mahe Yahaya & Balarabe Suleiman

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63 51

Real- Time Monetization of the Flared Associated Stranded Natural Gas in Nigeria: Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Values

Dr. Azunna. I. B. Ekejiuba

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73 36

Knowledge Management (KM) Model of Scientific Work by the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (Case Study: East Timor Institute of Business (IOB))

Antonio Napoleao Guterres, Eko Sediyono & Ade Iriani

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33 39

Protease Production by Aspergillus Niger in Solid State Fermentation Using Bambara Beans (Vigna Subterranean)

Sole-Adeoye O. D. & Dr. E. F. Aransiola

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32 24

Comparison of Four Design Methods on Rehabilitation of Flexible Pavements: For Nakuru - Nyahururu Road in Kenya

Michael Abera Mosissa, Sixtus K. Mwea & Paul K. Matheri

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37 30

Use of pGFPuv Mutants to Study the Influence of Drying on the Survival of Cronobacter sakazakii in Corn

Alaeldin Mohammed Ahmed Musa, Ratih Dewanti-Hariyadi & Elvira Syamsir

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75 37

Factors Influencing Information Technology Adoption among SME Using Theory of Planned Behaviour

Magaji Umar Ibrahim & Narimah Binti Kasim

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58 42

The Effect of Purple Yam (Dioscorea Alata, L) Blanching Time on Anthocyanins Content and Antioxidant Activity

Siti Tamaroh, Sri Raharjo, Agnes Murdiati & Sri Anggrahini

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63 57

Volumetric Analysis of Cold Asphalt Mixtures Compacted Using the Marshall Compactor and the Superpave Gyratory Compactor

Esther E. O. Amimo, Sixtus K. Mwea & George K. Matheri

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53 45

Preservation Effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide and Honey on Raw and Pasteurized Milk

Samson, K. S., Attah, S. & Shaahu, D.T.

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45 43

Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Cabinet Dryer for Okra, Chili Pepper and Plantain at Different Temperature, Relative Humidity and Air Velocity

Ajuebor F., Sole-Adeoye O. D., Alagbe E. E., Ozoma K. C., Olodu E. O. & Wuraola F. G.

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52 42

Changes in the Milling Quality and Color of Rice during Accelerated Aging of Freshly Harvested Rough Rice at Various Temperature and Time

Tanwirul Millati, Dr. Tyas Utami, Dr. Nursigit Bintoro & Yudi Pranoto

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68 72

Assessment of Some Heavy Metals in Leafy Vegetables Grown in the Vicinity of Dump Site along River Benue, Mubi Road, Yola, Nigeria

Dr. Dahiru J. M. Adamu & Dashu Enock

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38 49

Equations of Motion, Symmetric Matrix Operators and Determinants of a Multi-Pendula System Oscillating in a Plane

J. S. Prichani

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41 35

Ameliorating Effect of Combinedaqueous Extracts of Tetracarpidium Conophorum (Nuts) and Vernonia Amygdalina (Leaves) on Liver Enzymes of Alloxan Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats

Dr. Ngozi Franca Okoye, Michael Okechukwu Monanu & Vivian Oluchukwu Ohanehi

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33 35

Optimization of Convective Hot Air Drying of Okra Slices Using Response Surface Methodology

Ajuebor Felix, Afolabi T. J. & Agarry S. E.

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44 32

Effect of Implementation of Risk Management on Financial Performance of Banking Company in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Dian Kurniawati

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