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An Examination of Technostress in Contemporary Ghanaian Organizations

Elizabeth Abbey, Martin Gyambrah & Priscilla Hanson

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105 59

Fertilizer Use and Kola Production in Southern Nigeria

Dr. M. O. Ogunlade, Dr. O. S. Ibiremo, C. I. Iloyanomon, L. A. Adebowale, N. Taiwo & Dr. K. A. Oluyole

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80 76

Assessment of Water Quality of Kware Lake Using Aquatic Insects as Bioindicators

Mohammed Mahe Yahaya & Balarabe Suleiman

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114 82

Real- Time Monetization of the Flared Associated Stranded Natural Gas in Nigeria: Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Values

Dr. Azunna. I. B. Ekejiuba

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193 76

Knowledge Management (KM) Model of Scientific Work by the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (Case Study: East Timor Institute of Business (IOB))

Antonio Napoleao Guterres, Eko Sediyono & Ade Iriani

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70 69

Protease Production by Aspergillus Niger in Solid State Fermentation Using Bambara Beans (Vigna Subterranean)

Sole-Adeoye O. D. & Dr. E. F. Aransiola

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90 54

Comparison of Four Design Methods on Rehabilitation of Flexible Pavements: For Nakuru - Nyahururu Road in Kenya

Michael Abera Mosissa, Sixtus K. Mwea & Paul K. Matheri

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98 59

Use of pGFPuv Mutants to Study the Influence of Drying on the Survival of Cronobacter sakazakii in Corn

Alaeldin Mohammed Ahmed Musa, Ratih Dewanti-Hariyadi & Elvira Syamsir

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131 72

Factors Influencing Information Technology Adoption among SME Using Theory of Planned Behaviour

Magaji Umar Ibrahim & Narimah Binti Kasim

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108 82

The Effect of Purple Yam (Dioscorea Alata, L) Blanching Time on Anthocyanins Content and Antioxidant Activity

Siti Tamaroh, Sri Raharjo, Agnes Murdiati & Sri Anggrahini

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100 103

Volumetric Analysis of Cold Asphalt Mixtures Compacted Using the Marshall Compactor and the Superpave Gyratory Compactor

Esther E. O. Amimo, Sixtus K. Mwea & George K. Matheri

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99 86

Preservation Effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide and Honey on Raw and Pasteurized Milk

Samson, K. S., Attah, S. & Shaahu, D.T.

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92 76

Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Cabinet Dryer for Okra, Chili Pepper and Plantain at Different Temperature, Relative Humidity and Air Velocity

Ajuebor F., Sole-Adeoye O. D., Alagbe E. E., Ozoma K. C., Olodu E. O. & Wuraola F. G.

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126 79

Changes in the Milling Quality and Color of Rice during Accelerated Aging of Freshly Harvested Rough Rice at Various Temperature and Time

Tanwirul Millati, Dr. Tyas Utami, Dr. Nursigit Bintoro & Yudi Pranoto

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111 110

Assessment of Some Heavy Metals in Leafy Vegetables Grown in the Vicinity of Dump Site along River Benue, Mubi Road, Yola, Nigeria

Dr. Dahiru J. M. Adamu & Dashu Enock

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82 78

Equations of Motion, Symmetric Matrix Operators and Determinants of a Multi-Pendula System Oscillating in a Plane

J. S. Prichani

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85 67

Ameliorating Effect of Combinedaqueous Extracts of Tetracarpidium Conophorum (Nuts) and Vernonia Amygdalina (Leaves) on Liver Enzymes of Alloxan Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats

Dr. Ngozi Franca Okoye, Michael Okechukwu Monanu & Vivian Oluchukwu Ohanehi

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105 78

Optimization of Convective Hot Air Drying of Okra Slices Using Response Surface Methodology

Ajuebor Felix, Afolabi T. J. & Agarry S. E.

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87 69

Effect of Implementation of Risk Management on Financial Performance of Banking Company in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Dian Kurniawati

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161 75

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