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February 14


1. Power and Delay Reduction Using D-Latch in Carry Select Adder

By S. Neelavathi, M. Vigneswari DOWNLOAD


2. Fault Detection in Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes

By S. Deepa, T. Mohankumar DOWNLOAD


3. Formation of Special Diophantine Quadruples with Property

By K. Meena, S. Vidhyalakshmi, M. A. Gopalan, G. Akila, R. Presenna DOWNLOAD


4. Data Protection and Privacy Laws

By Anjali Agarwal DOWNLOAD


5. On the Heptic Diophantine Equation with Three Unknowns

By Manjusomanath, G. Sangeetha, M. A. Gopalan DOWNLOAD


6. Involution and Body Force Method for Solution of Half Plane Problems with Sub-Surface Hole

By Dr. B. S. Manjunath, Dr. D. S. Ramakrishna, U. B. Khadabadi DOWNLOAD


7. Evaluation of the Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2 ) on Haemoglobin and the Protective Effect of Glycine

By Anand Kumar Keshari, Humaira Farooqi DOWNLOAD


8. Analysis of Edge Detection Algorithms and Denoising Filters on Digital X-Ray Images

By M. Vinoth, B. Jayalakshmi DOWNLOAD


9. Estimation of Heart Rate from Photoplethysmographic Signal Using SVR Method

By Remya Raj, Smily Jaya Jothi DOWNLOAD


10. Design of High Performance Pipelined Data Encryption Standard (DES) Using Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA Technology

By S. B. Sridevi, B. Alekya Himabindu DOWNLOAD


11. A Case Study Upon Health Impact of Man Due to Sponge Iron Factory in Angadpur Area Under Burdwan District, West Bengal, India

By J. K. Datta, A. Ghosh, N. K. Mondal DOWNLOAD


12. Comparative Analysis of Keeper Techniques for Domino Circuits

By Deepika K. S., Deepa K., Dr. M. Kathirvelu DOWNLOAD


 13. Clustering Based Data Transmission Using NDD Algorithm in WSN’s

By M. Sasipriya, Dr. B. Kaalavathi DOWNLOAD


14. Proximate and Mineral Compositions of Mudskipper Fish (Periophthalmus Babarus) in the Mangrove Swamp of Calabar River, Southern Nigeria

By Andem A. B., Ekpo P. B.DOWNLOAD


15. A Preliminary Checklists on Planktons Dynamics of Calabar River, Southern Nigeria

By Eni E. G., Andem A. B., Ushie G. U DOWNLOAD




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