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January 14


1. Automated Traffic Light Detection for Day and Night Condition Using Geometric Moment Features

By B. Sravanthi, Dr. T. Ramashri DOWNLOAD


2. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some New  Pyrazoline Derivatives of Vanillin Analogue

By V. R. Dangar, J. V. Dodia, V. R. Shah DOWNLOAD


3. Review On 3D Image Generation Using Interpolation and Triangulation Methods on ARM-9 Processor Based Single Board Computer Platform

By Priya Pankaj Patel, Jwolin Patel, Rushabh Shah DOWNLOAD


4. Open System Interconnection (OSI): A Seven Layered Model

By Vansh Raheja, Supriya Mahajan DOWNLOAD


5. Automatic Energy Meter Reading System Reviews

By Vaibhav V. Dhok, Shweta S. Deshmukh DOWNLOAD


6. Experimental Investigation of Bio Based Materials Used for Food Packaging

By Kothai S., K. Senthil Vadivu, N. Rajeswari DOWNLOAD


7. Denoising of Medical Images Using a Reconstruction: Average Mechanism

By J. Chitra, D. Narmadha  DOWNLOAD


8. Environmental, Economical and Financial Aspects of Production of Biodiesel from Algal Biomass

By Devendra Pratap Singh, Rakesh K. Trivedi DOWNLOAD


9. Non- Syndromic Multiple Impacted Supernumerary Teeth: Report of a Case with 15 Supplemental Teeth

By Dr. Purnachandrarao Naik N., Dr. Ravi Kiran A., Dr. Samata Y., Dr. Vijay Kumar A., Dr. Kalyan Kumar D. DOWNLOAD


10. A Novel Approach on Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Object Tagging OLHE

By S. Ayyappan, S. Veluchamy DOWNLOAD


11. Survey on NLM Methodology and Implementation of Segmentation for Image Denoising

By N. Selvarani DOWNLOAD


12. Relations between M-Gonal Numbers through the Solution of The Equation

By K. Meena, S. Vidhyalakshmi, S. Divya, M. A. Gopalan DOWNLOAD


 13. Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Growth, Yield Attributes, Grain Yield of Hybrid Maize Genotypes

By O. Sampath, M. Madhavi, P. Chandrashekar Rao DOWNLOAD


14. Prevalence of Malnutrition among the Children Residing in India and Ethiopia

By Preeti  Ghate, Deepali  Kotwal DOWNLOAD


15. A Novel Decision Fusion Approaches for Image Forensics Analysis

By D. Gokila Bharathi DOWNLOAD


16. A Survey on Hybrid Function of Image Fusion and Super-Resolution Techniques

By J.Sapthika, T. Jemima Jebaseeli DOWNLOAD


17. Identifying Mathematics Themes Perceived Difficult by Secondary School Students

By Hasheem Abdul Mohammed, Mohammed Idris Umar, R. T. Moni DOWNLOAD


18. A Case Study and Model of Micro Hydro Power Plant Using the Kinetic Energy of Flowing Water of Surma and Meghna Rivers of Bangladesh

 By Rifat Abdullah, Mahzuba Islam DOWNLOAD




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