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May 14


Design and Study of Low Cost Household Drinking Water Treatment Process for Rural Areas

By Atish Kumar, Milind R. Gidde DOWNLOAD


The Grid Frequency Controller Using Micro-Controller

By Jadhav Manish Vilas, Gunda Ajay Kisan, Khandagale Prakash Ashok, Sachin L. Sarwade DOWNLOAD


A Systematic Study on Indian Records of Atypopenaeus Alcock, 1905 with Special Reference to Extended Distribution of Atypopenaeus stenodactylus (Stimpson, 1860)

By Angsuman Chanda, Tanmoy Bhattacharya DOWNLOAD


Molecular Docking Studies of Kunitz Type of Soya Bean Trypsin Inhibitor from Erythrina Caffra with Curcumin and its Natural Analogues

By Tripti Sharma DOWNLOAD


Importance of Employment Practices Pertaining to Provision of Monitory Benefits & Work-Life Benefits in Boosting Employee Productivity in the Hospitality Industry

By Milind A. Peshave, Dr. Rajashree Gujarathi DOWNLOAD


A Survey on Reconfigurable Architecture for 1-D DWT

By Vimala M. S., Savitha C., Imran Rasheed, Dr. M. Z. KurianDOWNLOAD


A Study on the Mathematical Analysis of Beacon Message Dissemination in the DSRC using SMP Model

By S. Udayabaskaran, M. Reni Sagayaraj, C. Bazil Wilfred DOWNLOAD


Food Hygiene and Safety Practices (FHSP) among Street Food Vendors in a Low-Income Urban Community of a Metropolis in Ghana

By Bismark Dwumfour-Asare, Daniel AgyapongDOWNLOAD


Energy Efficient Reactive Protocol with Varying Transmission Range in MANET

By A. J. Lakshmi Priya, B. Leena, D. ChitraDOWNLOAD


Special Dio- Quadruples with Property D(2)

By M. A. Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi, A. KavithaDOWNLOAD


Unsteady MHD Free Convective Viscous Incompressible Fluid Flow Past an Accelerated Vertical Plate with Ohmic Heating

By M. Rajaiah, Dr. A. Sudhakaraiah, M. Sivaiah, Dr. P. Venkatalakshmi, Y. HarnathDOWNLOAD


 – Strength Development Characteristics of High Strength Concrete Incorporating an Indian Fly Ash

By Arka Saha, Dr. Samaresh Pan, Soumen Pan DOWNLOAD


– Decolourization of Nigrosine WS (AB2) Dye by Solar Photo-Fenton Process

By Akash Tikhe, Dr. M. R. Gidde DOWNLOAD


– New Control Strategy to Reverse the Power Flow in the Looped Electrical Distribution Network

By Sagar T. M., Dr. R. Prakash, Dr. Shankar C. B. DOWNLOAD


Design and Implementation of Optimized Floating Point Matrix Multiplier Based on FPGA

By Maruti L. Doddamani, Mala L. M. DOWNLOAD


– Authenticated Dynamic Group Key Mechanism for Data Sharing in the Cloud

By J. Subha, T. Seenivasan DOWNLOAD


– Agricultural Soil Study through Electrical Coductivity and their Relationship with Micronutrients of Bhuj Region in Kutch District

 By Prakash L. Patel, Prakash H. Patel, Nirmal P. Patel, Anita Gharekhan DOWNLOAD


Defeating SQL Injection on Preventing Run Time Attacks

By P. Sai Prathap Pullagura, A. GokilavaniDOWNLOAD


Is Model Cloning a Replacement for Code Cloning?

By Ritu Garg, Dr. Rajesh Bhatia DOWNLOAD


Information Transfer Rate Analysis of the Dual Mode Tongue Driven System for the Disabled Person

By M. Keerthana, Dr. P. Malathi DOWNLOAD


Intelligent RTU: An Industry Smart Data Acquisition

By Abhilash Kumar P. T. DOWNLOAD


A Review on the Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Silica Fume on Hardened Concrete

By Subhro Chakraborty, Dr. Samaresh PanDOWNLOAD


Blind Image Restoration for Moving Objects Based on Normal Density and Variation Method

By Shwetha S., Sanjay D. S. DOWNLOAD


Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural Network for the Classification of Images

By A. Shanmugapriya DOWNLOAD


A Study on Random Evolution Associated with A M/M/18 Queueing System with Balking

By M. Reni Sagayaraj, S. Anand Gnana Selvam, R. Reynald SusainathanDOWNLOAD


Morphological Image Processing Approach for 2D to 3D Reconstruction of MRI Brain Tumor from MRI Images

By Naveenkumar R., Sanjay S.DOWNLOAD


Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some New Chalcone and Isoxazole Derivatives

By Pareshkumar U. Patoliya, Dr. Vipul P. Gohel, Dr. D. M. Purohit, Dr. V. N. Patolia DOWNLOAD


 – Goodness of Fit of Finite Range Reliability Model for Testing Under-reporting of Infant Deaths in India

By Niyati Joshi, Mahesh Nath Singh DOWNLOAD


– Detecting Adverse Drug Reactions Using Utility Pattern Growth and Mining Infrequent Casual Association

By S. Kiruthika, A. Gokilavani DOWNLOAD


– An Environmental Benign Green Synthetic Approach for Some Benzimidazole Derivatives

By Amit Dwivedi, Anil Mihra DOWNLOAD


Delay Tolerant Network

By Maruti L. Doddamani, Vinayak Shanwad DOWNLOAD


– Antimicrobial Activities of Co(II),Ni(II),Cu(II) and Zn(II) Metal Complexes Derived from Tetradentate Schiff Base Ligands

By M. Malathy, C. Srividhya, R. Rajavel DOWNLOAD


– Performance, Analysis and Comparison of 8 Bit Adders

 By Maruti L. Doddamani, Vinayak Shanwad DOWNLOAD


– Power Analysis on Asynchronous S-Box by Measurement and Evaluation



– Efficient Bootsrapping and Query Adaptive Ranking for Image Search

 By A. A. R. Senthilkumar, P. MayuriDOWNLOAD


– Design and Verification of OCP-AHB Bus Wrapper

 By Guruprasad A. T., Manojkumar S. B. DOWNLOAD


– Evaluation of Inhana Rational Farming (IRF) Technology as an Effective Organic Option for Large Scale Paddy Cultivation in Farmer’s Field – A Case Study from Kowgachi-II Gram Panchayat, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

 By Barik A. K., Chatterjee A. K., Datta A., Saha S., Bera R., Seal A. DOWNLOAD


– A Comparative Study of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Protocols

 By Nishi, Kirti, Sachin Kumar DOWNLOAD


– Compressive Strength of Interlocking Mortar in Masonry Walls

 By C. M. Ikumapayi, J. O. Afolayan DOWNLOAD


– Optimal Control of Two-Phase MX/M/1 Queueing System with Server Start-Up, N-Policy, Unreliable Server and Balking

 By V. N. Rama Devi, Dr. K. Chandan DOWNLOAD


– A Review on the Dynamic Routing Protocols in TCP/IP

 By M. Pavani, M. Sri Lakshmi, Dr. S. Prem Kumar DOWNLOAD


– Drying: Basic Food Preservation Method

 By Poonam DhankharDOWNLOAD


– Data Concentration and Archival to SD Card in Verilog Language

 By Dinesh K. P., Anandaraju M. B. DOWNLOAD


– Efficient Algorithm for Mining High Utility Itemsets

 By P. Sugunadevi, A. S. Mythily DOWNLOAD


– Retrieval of High Utility Item Sets for Dynamic Dataset with the Mimic of Cache

 By N. Naveena Begum, N. Parveena Begum DOWNLOAD


– A Survey on Text Extraction from Images

 By Garima Rana, Chaitali Gandhi, Poojan AnaldasDOWNLOAD


– Design and Verification of ADPLL for SERDES

 By Mahima M., Anandaraju M. B. DOWNLOAD


– PRO-COMP-IDS TOOL (Protein’s Component- Interaction Determing Server Tool)

 By Neeti Kulkarni, Rakesh N. R. DOWNLOAD


– USB Interface with FPGA for Data Acquisition System Using in X-Ray Applications

 By Sowmya M. S., Shwetha H. N., Savitha A. P. DOWNLOAD


– Assertion Based Verification of I2C Master Bus Controller with RTC

 By Sagar T. D., Balaji B. S. DOWNLOAD


– Public Private Partnership, a Veritable Tool for Sustainable Construction in Achieving Quality and Affordable Shelter in Nigeria

 By Okafor Benjamin Onuorah DOWNLOAD


– Scope and Application of Forensic Dentistry

 By Dr. Kanwaldeep Singh Soodan, Dr. Pratiksha Priyadarshni, Dr. Rajesh Kshirsagar, Dr. Jatinder Pal Singh DOWNLOAD


– Mean and Variance of the Time to Recruitment in a Two Grade Manpower System Using the Threshold Has Kumaraswamy Generalized Gamma Distribution

 By S. Parthasarthy, S. Neeraja, M. Chitra DOWNLOAD


– Design Formulation and Optimization of Crankshaft Diameter for Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine

 By Amit B. Solanki, Yogesh Chavda, Pradip Parmar DOWNLOAD


– Analysis of Gunn Integrated Rectangular Microstrip Antenna

 By Manila Bhatnagar, Amar Sharma DOWNLOAD


– Mat Lab Implementation of Algorithm for Generating Multisequences

 By Himanshu SharmaDOWNLOAD


– Matured Ovarian Teratoma in a 65year Old Woman: A Case Report

 By Ngwan S. D., Utoo B. T., Abata P. P., Obekpa A. S., Anzaku A. S. DOWNLOAD


– Re-Ranking Clickthrough Event in Search Engine Using Ontology

 By R. Thenmozhi, S. Bhuvaneshwari, T. Chellatamilan DOWNLOAD


– A Preliminary Biochemical Screening of Spermacoce Hispida Linn Seeds in Fenton Induced Toxicity in Chicken Smooth Muscle

 By Dhevi, Elango, Mohamed Shabi DOWNLOAD


– A Systematic Study on Prawns (Crustacea: Decapoda:Caridea: Palaemonidea: Palaemonidae) in Riverine System of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal

 By Angsuman Chanda DOWNLOAD


– GPU Implementation of a Deep Learning Network for Financial Prediction

 By Robin Kumar, Amandeep Kaur Cheema DOWNLOAD


– Characterization and Classification of Soils Along a Toposequence in Ajata-Ibeku Abia State South Eastern Nigeria

 By Audu S. D., G. Lekwa DOWNLOAD


– Fast Selective Harmonic Detection and Compensation by Three Phase Cascaded Delayed Signal Cancellation with Shunt APF Circuit

 By E. Elavarasan, A. Anuradha DOWNLOAD


– Trace Graph Generation of Eye and Head by Tracking Eye Pupil Movements and Head Movements

 By Thakur Navneetha Singh DOWNLOAD


– Effect of Heat Transfer in Circular Heat Pipe with Ethanol Methanol and Al2O3 as a Nanofluid: A Review

 By Gadge Ashutosh B., Gohel Neelam S. DOWNLOAD


– Quality Conservation of Ultrasonography (US) Images in Mobile Devices

 By G. Acri, B. Testagrossa, G. Totaro, S. Strocchi, R. Novario, G. Vermiglio DOWNLOAD


– Socio-Cultural Framework on Women Role in Marriage and Reproductive Health Dynamics in Rural Areas: The Case of Some Selected Villages in Momo Division in the North West Region- Cameroon

 By Fonjong Lucy Udikoh Epse Djemna DOWNLOAD


– Availability, Gender and Teaching Experience: Determinants of ICT Utilization in Teaching in Rural Secondary Schools in South Eastern Nigeria

 By Bede Blaise Chukwunyere Onwuagboke, Termit Kaur Ranjit Singh, Joy Ngozika Onwuagboke DOWNLOAD


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