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Design and Comparison of Wide Band and Narrow Band Low Noise Amplifier for Wireless Communication Systems

Dr. E. N. Ganesh

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254 593

Teacher Qualification, Teaching Experience and School Location Are they Determinants of Students Achievement in Basic Science in Junior Secondary Schools?

Joseph Endurance Ayibatonye, Samuel Ikechukwu

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330 576

Contaminated Site Investigation for Total PCBs in Four Temporary Transformer Storage Sites in Ghana

Senu John K., Fianko J. R., Adu-Kumi S., Pwamang J. A., Serfoh-Armah Y., Buah- Kwofie A., Amoako D.

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308 525

Speciation of Se(IV) and Se(VI) in Human Blood Samples from Residents of Wassa West District, a Mining Impacted Area of Ghana

B. V. Samlafo, L. H. Bobobee, P. O. Yeboah, Y. Serfor-Armah

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309 495

Implementating a Linear Controller of STATCOM Design in DC Link Voltage

Dayananda B. R., Velappagari Sekhar

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296 660

Germination and Establishment of Finger Millet Variety (Eleusine Coracana) As Affected by Planting Method

Adeyeye A. S., Ahuchaogwu C. E., Shingu C. P., Ibirinde D. O., Musa G.

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321 673

The Nature’s Graphs and Underlying Mystifications

Dr. Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao

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340 602

DUET Algorithm Exploiting Sparsity for Effective Seismic Source Separation

Mahesh Kumar R., Harsha Thomas, Shafeena P. K.

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309 680

Graphical Password Authentication: Personalized Cued Click Points to overcome the limitations of Persuasive Cued Click Points

Victor Fernandes, Sweedal Lopes, Parima Gavaskar

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315 655

Effectiveness of Traits for Direct Selection under Severe Drought Stress Condition in Rice

Shafina Haque, S. K. Pradhan, A. Anandan, S. K. Dash, P. Swain, O. N. Singh

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306 519

Taguchi Approach for Characterization of Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Granite Epoxy Composite with and Without SiC Filler

Pavitra Ajagol, Hanumatharaya R., S. S. Balakrishna, Prem Kumar B. G.

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289 1065

Effects of Toxicants on Physical Efficiency of Menopausal Women in Rural and Industrial Belt

Dr. Dipak Kumar Bhuniya, Sudipta Bhuniya

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283 459

Jawalamukhi Temple as a Lender

Pallavi Mishra

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293 404

Designing of Differential SRAM with Improved Parameters

Loknath Kumar Patel, Monika Gupta

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307 559

To Study Awareness about Prevention of Food Adulteration Act-1954 (PFA-1954) among Working Women of Washim and their Attitude towards Seeking Legal Remedy in Case of Adulteration To Study Awareness about Prevention of Food Adulteration Act-1954 (PFA-1954) among Working Women of Washim and their Attitude towards Seeking Legal Remedy in Case of Adulteration Dr. Leena R. Chitlange :Principal, Savitribai Phule Mahila Mahavidyalaya Risod Road, Lakhala, Washim, Maharashtra, India      

Dr. Leena R. Chitlange

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284 2253

CPW-Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Application at Resonant Frequency 2.3 GHz

Sangeeta Choudhary, Paresh Jain

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287 811

Microwave Assisted Synthesis of ZnCeO2 Nanoparticles and their Application

N. K. Javir, S. R. Bamane

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332 505

Design and Analysis of Switched Inductor Impedence Source Inverter

P. Kiran Kumar, Sivarapu Narasaiah

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286 663

Effect of Glass Powder & Pond Ash on the Strength Properties of Concrete

Mohit Mahajan, H. S. Goliya

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305 892

A Study on the Ternary Compounds of Adenine and Guanine with Co (II), Hg (II) in Aqueous Medium

Banani Das, Rawshan Ara Ripa, Mamudul Hasan Razu, Pradip Kumar Bakshi

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295 437

Investigation of the Factors of Absenteeism Affecting in Production Industry

Menonjyoti Kalita, Dr. Rupanjali Nath

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279 495

Qwality of Worklife of Employees Working in Pathology Laborites

Er. K. Padminii, Dr. D. Venkatramaraju

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279 434

Evaluation of Different Varieties of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata.) in Sudan Savanna of Borno State

Dalorima T. L., Waziri A., Mohammed T., Kyari Z.

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284 911

Removal of Arsenic Ions from Aqueous Solution with Different Activated Stems

Asha G., K. M. Sham Sundar

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286 698

Multi-Tenant and Multi-Vendor Based E-Commerce Platform Using Spring Framework and Restful Web Services

K. Suresh Babu, S. Raghu Nandan

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305 2798

Efficient K-means Clustering with Greedy Algorithm for Minimum Gene Set Identification in Microarray Data

V. Devi, S. Natarajan

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259 432

Compositional Features and Functional Industrial Applications of the Lateritic Clay Deposits in Oye-Ekiti and Environs, Southwestern Nigeria

Akinola, Oluwatoyin O., Ademilua, Oladimeji L.

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